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Oct. 25th, 2008

(no subject)

Your result for The Sexuality Spectrum Test...


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Nothing new here XD

Sep. 28th, 2008

Week off ~ started...

Sooo I have a week off. It started with work >.>

Waking up at 04:45, packing stuff, having coffee (very important) and going at 6. We were off to a boat fair.

Theo works with an older man, in the boat business. Saturday was a day for promoting the company, and affiliating companies. And to sell a bit of old boat-stuff.

While the older man (B) had to visit the hospital earlier because he had tremendous pain in his right shoulder, Theo had only just recovered from a very bad back. They were both still in pain, B having morphine (!) and Theo simply ignoring any discomfort, but sweating like an otter.

My pain was playing up because of the cold (it was freezing!) but I bit through it, not wanting to let them down, so once we were settled we all collapsed. B had taken his wife (M) and her son. They were both utterly useless.

Son went home because he didn't wanna stay, he wasn't having fun at all. We didn't even start yet... but alright. B barked his wife around, to do at least something, like getting us breakfast and making coffee. It brought back memories to the time I used to hold fairs with my ex. Not nice, but this time I could understand B's attitude. Woman... DO SOMETHING! Yes, your knees hurt. But maybe you should've pulled on sneakers and pants, instead of high-heeled open shoes and a short skirt? Yes, it will be warm. It's freezing now. So give us something warm.

Anyway, B and Theo were doing business, and M and I were allowed to have a stroll. I could barely walk, but I wanted to go shopping. It had been years since I entered a store. It was brief but fun, and I felt all refreshed. I just wished I'd brought my cane with me. At least it was sunny, so my sore joints could warm up, making it easier to move.

The fair ended at 4 or 5 in the afternoon. By now the sun was too hot (stupid weather) and we were all too tired to talk much, so we all ignored any pain we may have felt and went to work to clear up.

All, except M who was having a smoke (the woman smokes 3 packages a day...) with some neighbors of her. Woman... please...

You know what I hate? I hate to bust my back, work like mad to go home, and to be watched by three people who do nothing but enjoy having a tan. I want to smack 'em. Finally, the man who was drinking beer (our beer) took a box and brought it to the van. Whoo! His wife only stood in the sun, and eventually... sat down because standing was tiresome. Don't break your nails, darling. More wine?

Finally, we could go home, and I went in the car with M. She wanted to complain about B, for being so mean to her all the time. This time, I didn't listen. I could totally understand B. I phoned Theo to ask if we were going to have a bite somewhere. The connection was bad, but I understood they would be heading off to the warehouse while we should go to M's house. I told her. Did she listen?

She panicked when the men drove into another direction, and despite me telling (almost yelling!) her to go her own way to her house, she kept following them. The men stopped.

Theo asked politely what wasn't clear about the suggestion of going home, and she was all 'Oooh! I didn't understand!'. We exchanged glances. Oh Gods. Take me away. I'm too tired for this shit.

Anyway, by the time we were home, it was 9 in the evening. We went straight to bed. It was the longest day in 8 years; I've grown over a life like this. I slept for 13 hours and now I'm pooped!

And the rest of the week? It will also be busy.

Oh man. Can I go to work please? I need to rest...

Sep. 2nd, 2008

It's Stupid Questions time!

May. 18th, 2008

50 questions...

50 Odd things about Bobby
Character beleaguered: Bobby

1) Do you like blue cheese?
No. It’s icky.

2) Have you ever smoked heroin?
… No, I injected it. I smoked pot.

3) Do you own guns?
Oh yes. But they’re not as big as my friend’s.

Apr. 26th, 2008


Apr. 21st, 2008

Stress balls!

For sale: stress balls! Not in any shop available; order now! Full view for animation XD

Nov. 25th, 2007


Again, for Ryo... ^^

I LOVED working on him. Hope he's how you imagine him.

Nov. 11th, 2007

(no subject)

1. Lin
2. Lon
3. Bobby
4. Major
5. Petr
6. Yale
7. Liang
8. Mouse
9. Marten
10. Bear
11. Jumbo
12. Bryce

1. Does 10 strike you as a voyeur and/or an exhibitionist?

Oh! Bear is a voyeur… he loves to watch naked little boys having a go at each other. (but participating is nice too! XD)

2. Who in all the multiverse would 11 most likely bottom to?

Jumbo… loves to be bottom for Bear.

3. Would you rather do 3 or 5?

Bobby or Petr?! Oh my… I don’t think anyone ever ‘did’ Bobby, so that would be a challenge. But I think I’d go for Petr. Just because he’s HUGE.

4. Which of 4 and 1 would you rather have do you?

Major or Lin… That would be Major. He’s nice and rough. Rawr!

5. 12 and 2 are having sex in an airplane. Construct a snippet of dialogue that happens during this encounter.

Bryce and Lon… ‘Holy shit Bryce, what are you doing? You said cuddles!’
‘These are cuddles, Lon… Ohh you’re so cuddly…’

6. How much would you pay to see naked pictures of 11? Have you? Where can the rest of us find these pictures?

Jumbo? I make them myself XD Everywhere in my gallery.

7. Where are 5 and 9 most likely to have sex? Who on your list is most likely to write a trashy novel about it?

Petr & Marten… That would be me, writing about how Marten would love to have a go at that huge cock. Without success. Even in the pub where they would try it.

8. When 12 masturbates, he thinks about...

Mouse… thinks about Ethan, telling him he loves him… (awww…)

9. What is 11's favorite sex toy?

Jumbo has a silicone Tarzan (ssh! Don’t tell anyone!)

10. Come up with a title for a 12/7/1 threeway. Would you read it? Would you write it? What would some of the warnings be?

Bryce, Liang and Lin… A group I can’t even begin to imagine. O_o

11. Who's more likely to be tied up during consensual sex, 2 or 6?

Lon or Yale? Wahaha! Oh sorry. Both of them would look utterly desirable. But it would be Yale, although Lon likes a bit of kinky play sometimes.

12. If 11 and 3 are carrying on a torrid and forbidden love affair, who's most likely to spill the beans? What would the other person do to retaliate?

Jumbo and Bobby. Bobby would spit I all out, and Jumbo would simply deny him his pleasure any longer. I can’t imagine the two together though… (mind is twitching)

13. As a birthday present, 7's longtime lover 5 offers to do whatever 7 wants in bed. What's 7's secret birthday wish?

Liang and Petr. XD Sorry, I’m laughing again. *coughs* Liang’s secret wish… Oh god no, my head is exploding.

14. Choose a food item for 4 and 12 to use together.

Major would love to taste that sponge cake Bryce is so famous about… XD

15. 8 and 4 are in a fulltime relationship. Who's the top?

Mouse and Major… Well duh, Major will be the top. Mouse would love to submit!

16. Which fetish is 9 least likely to indulge?

Marten is into a lot of kinky stuff, but would never use poo. Ugh!

17. What would you do if you had 8 naked, willing, and ready in your bed? What would 5 do if he had 8 naked, willing and able in his bed?

Mouse and Petr again… I would have Mousey to submit to me, as would Petr.

18. What wouldn't 10 and 4 tell their friends about their sex life, assuming they had both a mutual sex life and some friends?

Bear and Major have no secrets. They both love youngsters, to top them, and love to brag about it.

19. 10 gets a tattoo to declare his eternal love for 9. Where is it? What does it say?

Bear would say ‘my beauty’ under a portrait of Marten.

20. Imagine that 2 writes an erotic 11/6 fic. What sort of summary might the fic he writes have?

Lon writing about Jumbo and Yale… again a couple I can’t imagine. I can imagine a lot, have a wicked mind, but some of my men just don’t combine!

21. If 2 walked into the room wearing nothing but a red thong and a feather boa, how would 8 react?

Lon… would crack Mouse. Mouse would roll of bed, laughing.

22. And the obligatory fill in the blanks erotic fairy tale! Change the numbers with the matching names on your list.:

9 Marten and 1 Lin are having a quickie in a broom closet when 8 Mouse walks in on them. Naturally enough, 8 Mouse joins in, first paging 3 Bobby, who's in the middle of fucking 5 Petr into the mattress. 3 Bobby abandons 5 Petr on the verge of orgasm, excited by the possibility of illicit broom closet sex, and 5 Petr, irate, becomes a highly paid prostitute until the well-meaning and generous 4 Major attempts to rescue him. But 5 Petr will have none of it, refuses to be redeemed, and opens a high-class brothel in Los Angeles, where 10 Bear is one of his regular clients.

Nov. 4th, 2007

For Ryo

Lin and Joshua....

Oct. 14th, 2007

For Ryo

Ethan and Mouse... So hot together...

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