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RP and my Wolves

It's summer vacation, and I finally found the time to read again. I read the role plays I wrote with ryoflame. 7 Plays, written over several years.
It made me realize a few things:
- It's been years and years ago, and it feels like I wrote them yesterday
- I wrote a lot about sex
- I wanted my Wolves to fall in love. Some succeeded, others just ran off like headless chickens. Or cocks XD
- I developed many Wolves during writing
- I allowed my dearest Wolves, Lon and Lin, to split up

That last one, splitting up my men, hurt me so much, I didn't finish reading the final play. How could I ever allow that to happen? I was thirteen when I started developing those two, and they are supposed to be together for eternity. Why would Lin even think about falling in love with someone else?

As a result, I am writing Lin's reaction to the events, when he wakes up with what seems to be memories of an alternative life.

Separating my men... No! O__o;

What I loved, was Petr with Calic. Calic was such a lovely boy to play with my giant.

Oh well, I have been addicted to roleplaying at that time, and I'm glad that despair is gone. I have written many stories since then, most of them posted on AFF because I can't find the patience to post them at Y!Gallery because of all the keywords I have to choose with every chapter.
How are you doing? I hope life's well for you.



June 2013

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