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Jun. 27th, 2013

RP and my Wolves

It's summer vacation, and I finally found the time to read again. I read the role plays I wrote with ryoflame. 7 Plays, written over several years.
It made me realize a few things:
- It's been years and years ago, and it feels like I wrote them yesterday
- I wrote a lot about sex
- I wanted my Wolves to fall in love. Some succeeded, others just ran off like headless chickens. Or cocks XD
- I developed many Wolves during writing
- I allowed my dearest Wolves, Lon and Lin, to split up

That last one, splitting up my men, hurt me so much, I didn't finish reading the final play. How could I ever allow that to happen? I was thirteen when I started developing those two, and they are supposed to be together for eternity. Why would Lin even think about falling in love with someone else?

As a result, I am writing Lin's reaction to the events, when he wakes up with what seems to be memories of an alternative life.

Separating my men... No! O__o;

What I loved, was Petr with Calic. Calic was such a lovely boy to play with my giant.

Oh well, I have been addicted to roleplaying at that time, and I'm glad that despair is gone. I have written many stories since then, most of them posted on AFF because I can't find the patience to post them at Y!Gallery because of all the keywords I have to choose with every chapter.
How are you doing? I hope life's well for you.


Dec. 16th, 2012


I don't say much on here, but I'm happy to announce I am completely healthy. Despite meds for high bloodpressure, all the tests came out negative. Negative is good ^^;

Oct. 12th, 2012

Sloppy Guardian Angel

I had a week off, at the beginning of October, like I always have. Oct. 4 is our wedding date, and I always take a week off. It's tradition, even if we don't really celebrate with others. It was our 11th anniversary, this year.

At the end of the week, I downloaded a few new stories. I discovered a story about the Amish, by Shelter Somerset, and fell in love with it. Lucky I discovered a sequel and two other books, I happily bought those as well.

But then my week was over.

"Can I have another week?" I asked no one in particular, just for fun. "I want to read!"

At Mondey evening, Theo and I were cooking. Theo knelt in front of our gas oven, and said "hey... the flame has gone out."

He opened the oven door and concluded the safety hadn't worked properly; gas was still flowing.

And then it happened very quickly. The gas exploded, in the middle of his face, and in a reflex he jumped away.

To me, it looked like he was attached to ropes and pulled out of reach of the explosion. He ended up in a corner, completely dazed, and I screamed and quickly tried to see the burn wounds. There were none. I shut off all the gas and sat back next to him, hearing him say "my leg hurts..."

First, we thought he had strained his ankle. It was quite a jump, after all. The next day, I stayed home to look after him. He couldn't walk or stand, and at one moment when he moved, he heard a crack.

"It's broken..." he said.

Oh gods... We quickly asked a friend to drive us to the hospital. Lucky we have good friends, always willing to lend a hand. Lucky that friend was on board on his ship at that moment, as well. And even more lucky, he would go away for 10 days, and was more than willing to give me his car for that time being, so we would be mobile.

In the hospital, it took only a few x-rays to find two fractures in the calf bone. And, the doctor said, it required surgery.

Not again! My world fell apart for a moment, and Theo protested as well. Alright, the ankle was too swollen anyway, they would give it a splint and check again next week. He isn’t allowed to walk until then. Next week, we learn if he has to go for surgery.

But, that isn’t all. Yes, I could read that day, and I joked I had to be more detailed with my wishes because my guardian angel is a bit sloppy. It’s the same as when I broke my back; I wanted time off and fell down some steps, disabling me for two years in total. Be careful what you wish for ;)

During a regular check-up, a few months ago, the doctors discovered “extraordinary cells” in my body. That could mean cancer. More check-ups were needed, and they were terrible. Yesterday, I should hear the final verdict: cancer or no cancer.

I went to work. My colleagues didn’t expect to see me, and I was a wreck, of course. But I like my job and I figured I could talk to the boss about my ordeal lately. My boss was no where. One of my colleagues leaned over me, silently, looking so concerned... I fell apart. I ran to the bathrooms, crying for the first time in years, throwing out all the stress I felt.

Another boss came to me and pulled me out of the toilet cubicle. I was sent home for the time being. At home, my boss phoned me (yeah, NOW he wanted to talk to me, the asshole) and I told him I wouldn’t come until we know more about Theo and about me.

Not much later, the hospital phoned for me. They had found no cancer. But, before I was relieved, quickly added they had to do more tests, because they had found those cells earlier and there is something wrong with me, somewhere. They just don’t know where...

So next Monday, I have to go to the hospital to the anaesthetist. Tuesday, Theo will hear if he has to go to surgery. Oct. 30, I will have the new tests.

So now you know why I’m not very active, online...

Oh, and my guardian angel has done his best. That explosion didn’t cause any damage. We could have been killed already. We are very lucky, we really are.


Sep. 25th, 2011

3 Wolves

3 Wolves. To cheer up my terrible mood. Didn't work though.

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Sep. 17th, 2011

(no subject)

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Aug. 8th, 2011

My tweets


Aug. 7th, 2011

Throw a bone. . .

Chico, smaller than Bas' bone.  .  .

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Aug. 22nd, 2009

For Ryo...

More under the cut (one of Nikki!) :)Collapse )

Nov. 19th, 2008

Pet Peeve

I hate it when I have found a great character for Poser, and people ask me 'OMG! Where did you get it!'.

Jeesh, be original. It's hard enough as it is, to achieve your own style in such a limited 3D program, and I worked years for it. Go search for your own characters, and tweak them, instead of using the same as me.

It's the same with lighting and morphs. How may times did I get requests, asking me to send them my morphs, my lights, or to make a tutorial so they can copy my hard work?

I'm willing to help, peeps. I do send you a morph, or base light, but I'll never send you my whole 50GB (!) collection of figures, props, poses, lights and camera settings. For that, you have to do like me; work on it. For years. Practice, until you know how to use that program, spend time and money on it, and for Christ sake, be original.

Asking me 'where can I find it!' gets the following answer: 'go look for it! Search!'.

The only reason I give you stuff is because I hate what you make, it makes my eyes bleed, my toes curl, and I want you to improve.

Or because I like you and you send me stuff in return.


Nov. 12th, 2008


I'm very busy, every day. Work is demanding, tiresome, intense...
I have no time to get sick. I have no time to take days off other than planned holidays. And you know what? I love it.

I hope I'm not a workaholic.

It's slow today. I'm bored. I'll probably get other work in a moment, which always happens when it's quiet. I don't have to coach on the floor today, so I'm stuck to my chair. Meh.

I asked for a day off next week, because I simply don't have time otherwise. I have to shop for stuff, I have to do things at the bank. In the weekends, I'm too pooped to do anything.

The migraines I have at the weekends, are because I work too hard. I can't sleep in, it makes me sick, so now I go to bed earlier to get my sleep. It works. I feel better.

Lucky I have my images to make. What would I do without my pretty men? :) And my everlasting, neverending soap RP with Ryo... I love those guys we play (although I think Miron didn't find his True One yet XD).

End of thoughts.

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